tokyo layover

I recently spent 20 hours in Tokyo, a tease, while on layover en route to Indonesia. I’d been to Tokyo once prior and this quick stopover left me wanting more time in the mysterious metropolis. We hit the streets late on a weekday night, sipping Kirin Strong and looking for adventure and ramen, but even the hectic streets of Shinjuku were sleepy at this hour. After retreating to our miniature-sized hotel room and napping for a few hours, I got up at dawn and found the nearest Yoshinoya in hopes of silently eating a beef bowl with the salarymen heading to work. Struggling to communicate, the server informed me I had to order from the machine at the entrance, a practice that appears widespread in Tokyo these days which I didn’t recall encountering on my last trip.

I put down the beef bowl and hit the early morning streets, wandering aimlessly down an endless array of nondescript Japanese streets, each one an adventure to an outsider like me. Thinking I’d run into a healthy amount of cats exploting with me, I was disappointed to not encounter a single neko my entire time there. If somebody can translate that sign above, please fill me in. I’m hoping there wasn’t a cat cleanse of somekind.

After another bowl of ramen and many miles of wandering, we hopped on the airport express train and headed towards Narita to catch our plane to Indonesia…

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we theory

We Theory curates music and video for friends and events. They are Rob and Victor. They are cool and have sweet Spotify playlists. These images were shot for a recent RedEye feature.

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pipeworks brewery x longman & eagle

I figured I would stay on the subject of food & drinks since Longman & Eagle just tapped their kegs of a Pipeworks Brewery collaboration called Brown & Stirred. The beer is Manhattan-inspired and served over ice, with a twist. It’s unique and refreshing and turned me on to Pipeworks Brewery, who are based in a nondescript building off Western Avenue that I’ve been driving past for years and wondered what was going on inside. Turns out they are making lots and lots of tasty beers inside that building. They also have two resident cats. It all sounds great to me. Be sure to check them out.

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longman & eagle 2014

I recently refreshed my food portfolio and realized I haven’t blogged much of my recent photos from Longman & Eagle. As you can probably tell, L&E is easily one of my favorite spots in Chicago. Their consistency in fantastic food, drinks, desserts and good vibes is hard to match. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check the place out for yourself, get your ass over there, order something weird off the menu and wash it all down with some whiskey. Chances are you might run into me sitting at the bar or photographing some food in the back room.

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Clayton Hauck | Longman & Eagle - […] Friend of L&E Clayton Hauck (who is the one responsible for shooting most of our images over the last 3 years) recently updated his site with a nice selection of L&E stuff. Check some out below and be sure to check out his site HERE. […]

introducing the promontory

The fine folks behind Longman & Eagle and Dusek’s/Punch House have just opened their brand spankin’ new spot down in Hyde Park. I was in there last week just prior to their first official day open to the public to shoot a bunch of food, drinks and general coverage. As expected, everything tastes fantastic and the space is very open and inviting with ample sunlight which creates a warm and dramatic environment. I recommend requesting a seat along the hearth, especially in the winter months ahead.

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