“room photography”

Scenes from Steve & Stacey’s apartment, October, 2011. Chicago. I’ve been joking with my pal Steve for a while about his need for interior photos and my capability of providing his “room photography” needs. Well, we finally got around to shooting some photos. I must say, their place is very nice and makes the idea of spending countless hours scouring craigslist for good deals a tiny bit more appealing.

On a blog note, I’ve been slacking on the updates and I really do have countless images to get up here! After a moment of consideration, I figured larger images would help motivate me to get moving on that (sorry all you guys on smaller monitors). The internal debate has always been what sort of focus to put on this blog, and I always end up siding with more images as opposed to a more business-of-photography side of things approach. Here’s hoping some of you enjoy it…

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Jeff Cagle - I like your approach with more photos, especially when you link to stories that you shoot for the WSJ. It’s cool to see how much you shoot and what it is edited down to. I think your layouts are great, too, and how you match a horizontal and vertical shot together, or stitch a few verticals across. I think it almost IS a business-of-photography approach, because to me you are obviously shooting your assignment for your editors, but also shooting them for your blog and brand.

clayton - Cool.. I appreciate the thoughts!

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