waco, texas


Scenes from Waco, Texas. August 31, 2009. Admittedly, I knew nothing about the city of Waco prior to driving thru it en route to Austin. I was rather surprised to discover the presence of several tall(ish) buildings in a downtown portion of the city which has probably seen much better days. After wandering around in the hot Texas sun for a half hour or so, I got back into my car and drove thru the rest of the sprawled out city, stopping to get an oil change and a new tire before heading down the road to Crawford, which will be seen in the next post..

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rubensni - First the JFK assasination site, then Waco, and next stop Crawford?
Clayton’s journey through the tear belt continues!

P.s. photos are great, as always.

Luke - Awesome pics Clayton, great perspective on the city of Waco.
Now I know what to expect… thanks again for sharing, as usual.
Long time reader, first time commenter.(?)

clayton - thanks Luke & rubensni, Waco was an odd little city, I wish I had more time there to document it. Hell, there is never enough time…

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