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Promo photos of DJ HeavyGrinder & Keith MacKenzie. Chicago, May 2010. It’s always amazing to me how much stuff there is going on in this world. Let me clarify such a vague statement… I dabble in DJing myself and I’ve been heavily immersed in the “nightlife” scene for more or less four years now. Considering this, you’d think I would be familiar with most DJs out there with a really large following, however, all I knew of HeavyGrinder going into my shoot with her was that she was the significant other of my pal Keith MacKenzie. Flash forward to just now, I follow Google to HeavyGrinder’s MySpace page and notice she has over a million friends! That’s impressive!

As far as the photos are concerned, they came to me in need of some solid promo photos and a possible CD cover. This is an entire area of photography I’m not super experienced with but it’s currently on top of my list of things to work on. That said, I don’t have a studio space so we made my apartment our backdrop. All of the shots were taken with a RayFlash’d speedlight as the key light, and an umbrella’d speedlight as a second off-axis light, varying in intensity depending on the shot.

Perhaps not my most interesting photos ever but there are a few I’m especially happy with. Let the promo photo journey continue…

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